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PL-07-7 Rose Nourishing Treatment Cream 300g
Product description:

Specially added moisturizers and repairing nutrients to effectively repair damaged hair by penetrating through the hair shaft and forming a nourishing layer around the hair, keeps hair soft supple, lustrous and easy to manage. Gives you a beautiful dazzling hair full of elasticity and shine.

L'extrait de Rose contient des agents hydratantset nourrissants qui aident à réparer et restructurer les cheveux. La formulehydro-nutritive hydrate la chevelure de la racine jusqu'aux pointes et developeun voile de protection. Les cheveux retrouvent leur beauté et brillance. Facileà démêler.

Contiene hidratantes y nutrientes reparadores que reparan su cabello maltratado con eficacia  penetrando a través del núcleo del cabello y formando una capa nutritiva en todo el cabello, mantiene su  cabello suave, brillante y fácil de manejar. Después de su uso, deja su  cabello deslumbrante lleno de elasticidad y brillo.

DIRECTIONS: After shampooing, apply an appropriate amount on to palm. Rub hand together and massage evenly from roots to ends. For the best results, use steam or cover hair with a hot towel. Leave in for 5-10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.


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