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PL-09-2 Helichrysum Scalp Activating Cleanser (For dry, sensitive scalp)
Product description:

Specially formulated for dry, sensitive scalp. Enriched with helichrysum essential oil, vitamin A and E to effectively protect scalp against UVA, UVB damage while repairing hair ends and other damaged parts. Helichrysum moisturizing ingredient forms a barrier around hair for nourishing and protecting hair, leaving the scalp vibrant and healthy.

Destiné au cuir chevelu sec et sensible. Ce baindoux enrichi en huile essentielle de  Helichrysum(Immortelle) contient des vitamines Aet E pour protéger les cheveux contre les UVA/UVB et  les réparer en nourrissant le bulbecapillaire. Il forme une voile d’ hydratation. Le cuir chevelu retrouve santéet vitalité.

Especialmente formulado para el cuero cabelludo seco y sensible. Enriquecido con aceite esencial de Helichrysum, vitamina A y E para proteger eficazmente el cuero cabelludo de los rayos UVA, UVB, mientras que repara las puntas del cabello y otras partes maltratadas. La forma hidratante Helychrysum forma una barrera protectora que nutre y protege  el cabello, dejando el cuero cabelludo vibrante y saludable.


DIRECTIONS: Wet hair and apply 3-5ml of this cleanser onto hair. Gently massage scalp with fingertips using spiral movement, working lather for 3-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.


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