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PL-12 Mocha Coffein Perm Liquid 1000mlX2
Product description:

Containing coffein effective ingredient to improve and enhance the self-protecting function of hair shaft. Quickly soften the hair without damaging it, leaving hair full of bounce and shining with natural glow. Pleasant fragance.

Contenant de la caféine, ce liquide aide à renforcer le bulbe de cheveu et maintenir  le pouvoir de protection  Adoucit rapidement les cheveux sans lesabîmer. Après une permanente, les cheveux auront plus de ressort et desouplesse, l'odeur restera agréable.

Contiene ingrediente de cafeína efectivo para mejorar y realzar la función de auto-protección del núcleo del cabello. Rápidamente suaviza el cabello sin dañarlo, dejando el cabello con volumen, brillante con brillo natural. De olor agradable.

DIRECTIONS: 1. Apply formula A thoroughly on the hair. Leave in for 15-20 mins (DO NOT USE STEAM).  Adjust time of treatment based on type and condition of hair. Thoroughly rinse hair and then dry it.  2. Put hot hair rollers in hair (90% dried) and heat up for 25 minutes. Wait until the hair cools down. 3. Spray formula B evenly on hair rollers to ensure complete coverage, leave in for 15 minutes then remove hair rollers. Thoroughly rinse and condition the hair.


TIP: Hair care in ceramic perm: Rinse the hair with water after 1st formula treatment finished. Take proper amount of Morocca Nut Anti Heat Treatment Cream and apply onto the areas where to be permed. (This product is highly concentrated, so a thin layer is enough.). Put hot hair rollers in hair and heat up. After then apply 2nd formula, to create a natural, elastic and alluring hair look. Protect hair from being damaged by overheat during ceramic perm.




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