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Design Gel& Spray Volumisant Vplumising Spray
Product description:

Design Gel  :  A kind ofproduct especiallydesigned for gentleman , this gel’s  functions not only for keeping hair shapedwith shine and smooth for a longer time, but also preventing hair from tanglingand humidity in the air, is a good choice to revivify your mood.

DIRECTIONS: Applyan appropriate amount to the palm, rub thoroughly and apply from roots to ends of hair. Style asdesired.

Spray Volumisant Vplumising Spray :  Enriched with silk amino acids andkeratin, this spray would increase the hair's shine, improve hair's flexicity.With super long-lasting holding ability, it gives you a perfect and charminghair style, leaving your hair full and luscious all day long.

DIRECTIONS: Use hairdryer to dry andstyle. Then spray evenly onto hair. The extra hold ability makes hair full withlasting effects.

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