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Hair Recovery Shampoo
Product description:

ContainingPerilla Frutescens Oil, this shampoo could clean, nourish hair and strangthenthe cell regeneration. With Rosemary Oil, it helps the hair’s grow balances the grease, prevents the inflammation of hair follicle andthe hair from too oily and increases the thickness of hair. Meanwhile, itstrengthens the hair fiber from the root and also the stength and holding ofthe hair.

La formule enrichie en extrait de perilla  purifie et nourrit les cheveux en renforçantla régénérescence des cellules. L'huile essentielle de romarin favorise larepousse des cheveux et régularise sécrétion du sébum en prévenant lafolliculite. Ce shampooing revitalisant restructure les fibres des cheveux etaugmente la tonicité de la chevelure

DIRECTIONS: Wet hair and apply shampoo ontothe hair, gently working lather into scalp and hair. Rinse thoroughly. For bestresults, follow with Daily Conditioner.

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